Jeep Slim Leather Sling

Jeep Slim Leather Sling

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Jeep Slim leather sling.

Perfect. . .
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Jeep Slim leather sling.

Perfect for walks, hikes, shopping etc. Its like a mini backpack.

Super functional measures 11"T x 9"W x 2"deep.

Crafted from high quality soft cowhide leather. 

Adjustable strap for all sizes people.

Beautifully lined with assorted zipped  pockets inside .

Use of heavy duty zippers and magnetic hardware, rivets.

Great wear long lasting just rub on your favorite leather cream for preservation.

Available in Brown. Jeep logo embossed.


Imported. All items are packed and shipped form USA.

Ship size 12 x 9" x 2.5" L x W x H