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US Military GI ACU Poncho Liner AKA Woobie

US Military GI ACU Poncho Liner AKA Woobie

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US military poncho/woobie GI poncho liner.

US Military issue Poncho Liner was originally designed to be a liner for your poncho or field blanket made to be light weight and packable and perfect for any type of environment. You can use the attached corner strings and tie them to the many things, waterproof military poncho to make a warm sleeping bag cover or a shelter. The poncho liner, also known affectionally as a woobie to those who served is one of the best pieces of military cold weather gear you can carry. It is an extremely lightweight approx. 5' x 7'size great for mountaineering/camping and auto/RV or stables/pets and many other places and uses.

Used Grade 2 see chart below.

Official Military Issue The woobie blankets started to be issued during the Vietnam war in 1962; the intent was to field an item lighter and faster drying than the standard-issue Army Wool Blanket, which had essentially been rendered obsolete in the wet and tropical environment of Vietnam. So they came out with the “woobie blanket.” 

Ripstop nylon outer shell with quilted poly fiberfill

Made in USA

Tie strings on corners and sides secure it to your poncho
62" x 82"
NSN 8405-01-547-2259 

Grade 1: Excellent to New/Unissued – Military Surplus products are US Government Issued products and are rated in excellent to new/un-issued condition. These products may be outside of original manufacturer's packaging but they will show minimal or no signs of wear.
Grade 2: Good to Very Good – Products may have been previously washed and light pilling may be present but they retain 100% of their original functionality. Products have no staining, no holes pre washed and checked by us. All working order.
Grade 3: Fair to Serviceable-
Due to wear and laundering products may not be as thick as when originally issued but are still in serviceable condition. Products may have small imperfections but all snags/tears/burns/seams will be less than 1" in size.
Ships and packed in USA.