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US Military Fleece GI Flame Resistant Zipped PolarTec

US Military Fleece GI Flame Resistant Zipped PolarTec

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US military zipped fleece PolarTec flame resistant 

New/Un used most with tags. Size Medium/Regular Gov paid $245 each piece. 
Mint condition. These are super nice light weight fit great maybe a little big. Amazing quality.
The US Military uses this mid weight flame resistant cold weather fleece top from PolarTec. The fleece is flame resistant and has a half zip front. The armpits and waist are more breathable to help prevent overheating.
Flame Resistant – Will not catch fire when exposed to flames. It will burn but it will not drip or catch fire.
Breathable – Breathable means it allows moisture to escape to help keep the wear dry even when sweating.
Shirt full Zip Closure – This shirt has a full zipper closure.
Elastic Wrist Cuffs – Cuffs around wrists are elastic for fit and to prevent debris from entering clothing
Made for US Government Contractors
This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.
Issue Type: USGI – These are genuine US government issued items made to military specification (mil-spec).
Ship size 15 x 12" x 4" L x W x H

Grade 1: Excellent to New/Unissued – Military Surplus products are US Government Issued products and are rated in excellent to new/un-issued condition. These products may be outside of original manufacturer's packaging but they will show minimal or no signs of wear.
Grade 2: Good to Very Good – Products may have been previously washed and light pilling may be present but they retain 100% of their original functionality. Products have no staining, no holes pre washed and checked by us. All working order.
Grade 3: Fair to Serviceable - Due to wear and laundering products may not be as thick as when originally issued but are still in serviceable condition. Products may have small imperfections but all snags/tears/burns/seams will be less than 1" in size.
Ships and packed in USA.