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Women's RNF Windbreaker In Blue

Women's RNF Windbreaker In Blue

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Women's quality lined windbreaker. 

These can be used for damp days or windy days year around.

Made from 100% high quality knitted polyester.

Water resistance. Double layer jacket.

Hidden hood, Full inside breathable mesh lining.

Quality zippers with front zipped pockets.

Manufactured by North End.

With diffrent colors fabric sewn into one coat adds style.

Pull on enclosure. Hooded. Waist drawstring.

Unisex. Machine wash. 

Imported. Modern tapered fit. 

Available in XS to 2XL USA standard size.

These items are packed and shipped from USA.

Ships in 13" x 10" x 2" package  L x W x H about 1 to 1.4 pounds.